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Yard Cams


Backyard Stereo

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 Power Controller


Spot Light Override


On Commands

Off Commands

Special Commands

Spot Light Override On

Spot Light Off (Override Resets on Daylight)

Spot Light Override Clear

Blowups On (Override)

Blowups Off (Override)

Blowups Test (Turns off for 5 minutes)

Fountain On

Fountain Off


Accent On

Accent Off


Accent & Blowups On

Accent & Blowups Off




Clear All Commands


Ken's Favorite Links

South Jersey Mountain Toppers ARC Web Page

South Jersey Radio Association

Turks and Caicos VP5T

The W3OR.COM Home Page




Ken's Products that don't exist

For the Prom

Starship 2040

Dirty Olde Man Training Kit