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September VHF ARRL QSO Party 2014 Operators
Ken K2WB, Bob N2SCJ, Bob W2SJ, Michael KB1JEY, Paul KF2Y, “Murphy”, Rick K1DS, Ted W2TAG, Joe KC2TN, Bob, Ray N3RG, Al N3AVT, Ken N2UNI (Craig NC2H not shown)


September VHF ARRL QSO Party 2013 Operators
Ken K2WB, Joe KC2TN, Bob N2SCJ, Ray N3RG, Craig NC2H, Ted W2TAG, Al W2TAG, Jon W2MC, KV2R Not Shown


September VHF ARRL QSO Party 2012 Operators
Ken K2WB, Ray N3RG, Ken N2UNI (ex KC2SNV) Rich KV2R, Jon KD2CLB, Bob N2SCJ, Craig NC2H, Ted W2TAG, Mary KV2M, Jon W2MC
In Memory of Amor N2FY


September VHF ARRL QSO Party 2011 Operators
Ken K2WB, Jon W2MC, Rick K1DS, Ted W2TAG, Bob N2SCJ, Craig NC2H, Joe KC2TN, Ray N3RG, & Ken KC2SNV


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